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CLP has a distinct investment advantage. Our expert portfolio managers, investment advisors and researchers generate above-market risk-weighted returns, utilising a state-of-the-art investment process and management system. Our investor’s peace of mind is at the heart of our service.

Our investors’ interests are ensured to be aligned with the demands of the capital, in order to maximise value creation. We provide your portfolio with the opportunity to profit from cutting-edge sectors whilst capitalising on the prospect of high returns.

We entertain mutually beneficial relationships with our investors and managers. This captures an environment of continuous improvement and maximises opportunities. Underlying research is backed by a full suite of due diligence.

CLP harnesses the power of opportunity. We excel at growing small to large businesses and delivering excellent returns for our investors. We also enjoy income-producing real estate in order to diversify investor’s portfolio.



Capital Liberty Partners is an experienced leader of over two decades in emerging corporate bond markets and a pioneer in building a diversified portfolio of the most compelling risk-adjusted investments.


We also focus on businesses that have a strong competitive position, are capital efficient and have attractive long-term structural growth. CLP is thriving in industries with increasingly high barriers to entry, like no other. Our earnings capacity enables us to deliver sustainable capital returns to our investors.

CLP has a comprehensive range of products and services across asset classes, geographies and investment strategies. We have a global expertise sharing their best thinking in order to seek better returns. We have investment teams operating over 122 countries across the world, connected by investment hubs in Switzerland where our head office is located, alongside United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada and Luxembourg.


Our geographic coverage ranges from regional to global funds, we share information across world markets and can find best investment opportunities, wherever they may be.  Our capital-accretive business models enable us to adapt to any changes in regulatory requirements, on a global scale. We can also pursue any growth opportunities without the necessity for significant earnings retention.

Our business invests on behalf of our clients, including private individuals, corporations, pension funds, foundations, and government bodies, of all walks of life who invest in us.


We aim to secure your financial futures and ensure long-term sustainability. We offer expertise across every key investment class and every economic region in order to deliver a tailor-made investment strategy. CLP builds on the strengths of all of our businesses and focuses on areas they excel at while seeking to capitalize on their compelling growth prospects, in order to generate attractive and sustainable returns for the investors.


Every investment is certain to have the best teams at hand.  In order to incorporate attractive investment opportunities and position our investment portfolios for long-term growth, the best people in relevant fields are referred to.


We conduct numerous company research visits in emerging and developed markets on a yearly basis. Sector specialists collaborate alongside macroeconomic strategists to support our analysis of currency and macro risks. Our professionals allow for autonomy and alignment with our investors’ objectives. We provide a global market insight few fund managers can match.

Our experts cover every asset class and investment market, so we can deliver clients a wide range of investment solutions. We dedicate investment teams to the corporate bond markets, as well as mergers with partnerships and upcoming businesses. We also target professional investors with alternative investments such as hedge funds and real estate. We offer a full spectrum of investment possibilities from conservative to specialist strategies. Whether a client is risk-averse or willing to be more aggressive, we can deliver an investment solution that is appropriate. We can help every investor harness the potential of investment markets. Our investors are guaranteed to reach their financial goals.


Put not your trust in money but put your money in trust. When you invest, you are buying a day that you don’t have to work.

Partnerships are vital to our strategy and we work in unison with them to develop an ethical and socio-geographic ecosystem. Join now with like-minded visionaries to start new projects and grow your existing business, the world ahead of you is full of spectacular opportunities.


We have excellent ties across a broad range of services, in gratitude of our strong track record of delivering successful investment programmes. Come liaise with us to find out how our experience, expertise and skills can be put to good use on your cause.

CLP not only champions an upcoming entrepreneur who is looking for a business partner to realise their dreams but also investors themselves. All its members have a voice in how our company is run, ensuring CLP is run fairly and sustainably and is always aligned with your interests at heart.  We invite one who is interested in our long-term success; someone who yearns to support us in the running of the company.  All company profits are shared equally between partners, in addition to any liability for loses.


CLP desires to expand operations and fund our new business ventures in the following sectors: Aviation, Healthcare Provision, Import\ Export services, Private Residential Homes, Renewable Energy, Global Social Care Provision, Tech Markets and Mining.


Our corporate bonds are fixed income securities that offer a lower risk and higher income than shares. CLP pays investors a rate of interest over a period of time and repays principal at the maturity date determined at the onset of bond’s issue.


We deliver high yield speculative-grade bonds. We offer various types of bonds: Short-term notes (with maturities of up to five years); Medium-term notes (with maturities ranging between five and 12 years); and Long-term bonds (with maturities greater than 12 years). Both floating and fixed interest rate corporate bonds are available. Interest rates for our bonds with floating coupon rates are based on Consumer Price Index or the London Interbank Offered Rate.

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