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We have a vast network of investment professionals who undertake thorough research, analysing every detail to discover opportunities and mitigate risks to help our clients build stronger portfolios. One has to stay focused and not be disheartened by the market’s daily ups and down in order invest successfully. We will help you see the bigger picture. We will guide you in deciding whether to invest in growth or income and how much risk you are prepared to take. Consequently, we will offer you a range of products to invest in. By matching the client base with an investment team who share the same beliefs, CLP aims for successful, long-lasting relationships with our clients.

We will strive to grow your portfolio, and make smart purchasing decisions that will increase the overall value of your funds. Our market strategists simplify complex market issues, giving you informative market insight.  Our financial analysts will carry out first-hand research into the investment options, conduct due diligence on the possibilities and determine which assets are best to buy. Our economists will carefully observe the current market situation. Clients can trust our expert asset managers, and give them a carte blanche role in the decision-making process.

We offer a broad range of high-quality investment solutions: from strategic portfolios, target oriented portfolios to specialist portfolios. Strategic portfolios involve long-term assets where the portfolio is actively aligned to your requirements. Target oriented portfolios are aimed at delivering a specific risk/return outcome, unconstrained by a benchmark mix of assets. Specialist portfolios are put together by our specialist advisors who take on a particular investment style to suit client’s needs.

Using highly successful portfolio-construction and risk-management techniques, a variety of assets can be invested in. Experienced portfolio managers and researchers are consulted with in order to offer more viable solutions to our clients. Our strategies will reflect a range of capabilities and a depth of knowledge. We have a passion to understand risk in all its forms and clarify the most daunting financial events to deliver better, and more consistent returns. Our search for new talent, technology and research is everlasting as we strive to optimise results for our clients.

Our hedge funds use a range of investment techniques and invest in a wide array of assets to generate a higher return for a given level of risk. Although the risk is a function of return, our hedge fund managers have ways to reduce risk without cutting into investment income. Our fund tries to hedge risks to investor’s capital against market volatility by employing alternative investment approaches. We employ many strategies to generate returns from a hedge fund.

One such strategy is where the fund takes the long and short position in large financial markets based on our analysis of economic trends.  There are also funds that work on market-neutral strategies to consider. In addition, there are event-driven funds that invest in stocks to take advantage of price movements generated by corporate events.


We have a reputable and unique approach to managing your wealth. Being experts at coordinating today’s financial complexities, we ensure your wealth works for you. Whether you are planning to retire or looking forward to preserving wealth, our wealth managers can offer you state of the art recommendations and solutions for every aspect of your wealth.  Our way of managing risk ensures to create a breadth of precisely developed investment solutions in line with your wealth ideas. All our wealth managers are accredited beyond industry standards. We ensure to deliver you with a tailored recommendation, guided by informed insight into the financial markets we live in. We ensure that ethical and socio-geographic factors are at the heart of our investment process.

By utilising a broad range of investment vehicles and structures, our high-calibre team of portfolio managers will devise investment strategies to meet both your short-term and long-term goals. We ensure to empower you with all the expertise necessary to make the final investment decision. Amid all these procedures, we guarantee you have peace of mind at all times. By gaining detailed insight into your wealth, we ensure you future lives up to your expectations.
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