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More than Investment Partners

We care about investing in an ethical and socio-geographic perspective, aspects which one day will affect us all. We are not just an investment company, we invest in people and ideas. We are the people’s choice.


Capital Liberty Partners is one of the finest financial institutions in the world operating in over 122 countries. We serve consumers, corporate institutional and government clients small businesses and prominent.

The firm head office in Switzerland and facilitates offices in all major financial centres including United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada, and Luxembourg. We understand how every country is unique. Each country’s risk and regulations vary and cultures differ. There are many ups and downs in the markets that might put you off. Our CLP team possess a wealth of expertise to adapt to what is happening around you.

 Our 3 main strategic investment precincts ensure you win wherever you choose to do business: asset management, hedge funds and wealth management.

Our attractive range of services helps you choose and diversify your portfolio at your leisure. This includes Aviation, Healthcare Provision, Import/Export Services, Private Residential Homes, Renewable Energy, Global Social Care Provision, Petroleum, Mining, Tech Markets, Bonds and Crypto Currency.

We ensure to provide customer-tailored solutions to your short and long-term capital management needs.

Our wealth managers draw on a broad range of investment vehicles and structures to meet your goals.

We use highly successful portfolio-construction and risk-management techniques to deliver you with affluent, consistent returns.


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Investment Precincts

Our investment strategies are resilient even in the face of difficult market and economic conditions. It encompasses Asset Management, Hedge Funds and Wealth Management.


You are free to command any mixture of rising income, backed by capital gains.  CLP then strives to get the right balance of risk and returns to satisfy your desires. We diversify your portfolio with unique investments that perform differently over time, thereby preserving your financial security. We consequently ensure your returns arrive steadily in an ongoing stream.

We welcome you- entrepreneurs, businessmen and companies- with open arms to invest in an ethical and a socio-geographical perspective. CLP prides itself on the quality of our long-term, global relationships that have been cultivated in your benefit. We only invest in companies that have a clear-cut sustainable agenda. We conduct constructive dialogue with these parties to further efficacious business practices. We maintain a transparent investment approach, so you are well-informed to decide if you want to invest in our products.  CLP is not subject to politics or system bottlenecks of large multifunctional organisations.



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Our investment entry requirements have been precisely calculated by expert investment advisors to deliver a high ROI. Your level of investment determines whether the dividends are paid monthly, quarterly and annually. We actively partner up with like-minded visionaries and support them in reaching the top in their respective fields.

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